Pediatric ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Doctor Criticized for ‘False Claims’

Dr. Meredithe McNamara, a primary witness for the Florida joint medical board committee, is being severely criticized for presenting false claims in her evidence for “gender-affirming” care. She was “fact-checked” by the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM), an international organization of over 100 health professionals and researchers. After assuring a “truthful account” McNamara proceeded to declare a “key evidence report the Board relied on was invalid, as it was written by a ‘dentist.’”

From The Daily Wire:

McNamara, who treats patients aged 11-25 at Yale School of Medicine and is a frequent promoter of so-called “gender-affirming care” for “gender-diverse youth,” attempted to discredit a key evidence report during her testimony by insisting the lead author was “a dentist” and therefore unqualified.

What McNamara failed to mention, as SEGM pointed out, is that while lead author Romina Brignardello-Petersen does hold a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), she also has a Ph.D. in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research and has published more than 140 peer-reviewed publications on evidence evaluation and clinical practice guideline methods and teaches at a leading center in systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines development. 

“When misrepresenting the authors’ credentials didn’t work to discredit the FL analysis, McNamara changed tactics,” said SEGM. “She asserted that the reason the analysis was invalid [is] because it was done by a Canadian team who ‘violated’ the U.S. standards. This, too, is demonstrably false.”

The “violated standards,” SEGM explained, referred to a misrepresentation of the type of analysis commissioned by Florida. State officials commissioned an “overview of systematic reviews,” which is “an evaluation and synthesis of the already existing systematic reviews,” according to SEGM. McNamara, either knowingly or mistakenly, attempted to discredit a different type of evaluation called a “systematic review of evidence,” which SEGM explained is not the same thing.