Patriotic Students Stand Up to Pro-Palestine Activists at LSU

The latest move of patriotic students standing up for America and confronting the pro-Hamas activists on college campuses occurred at Louisiana State University this week.

The counter-protesters reportedly chanted “USA” back at the activists.

Earlier this week, a group of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill protected the American flag from pro-Palestine protesters.

Protesters previously removed the flag and replaced it with the Palestinian flag.

Interim Chancellor Lee Roberts returned with police to raise the American flag.

Following the restoration of the American flag, Roberts said, “This university doesn’t belong to a small group of protesters. It belongs to every citizen of North Carolina,” adding, “The flag represents all of us.”

“To take down that flag, and put up another flag, no matter what other flag it is – that’s antithetical to who we are, what this university stands for, what we have done for 229 years.”