Patriotic Marketplace PublicSq to Go Public in $200 Million Deal Backed by Donald Trump Jr.

Public Square, an anti-woke digital marketplace, is set to merge with Colombier Acquisition Group in a $200 million deal that will also see the company go public. The San Diego-based company hosts over 50,000 individual vendors.

According to the Daily Mail, the site has gained the attention of Donald Trump Jr., who advises the company, and former Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters.

“People need to stop giving their money to businesses that hate them. We aren’t going to defeat woke corporations by whining on Twitter,” Trump Jr. said to the Daily Mail.

The company provides consumers with an alternative to woke companies across the country that align with “America-first” values.

“We’re the nation’s largest directory of patriotic, America-first businesses and consumers that has ever existed,” said Michael Seifert, the company’s founder.

The company will serve as an alternative for those seeking to give their money to companies whose values align with theirs.

“We will win by creating a parallel economy and that’s exactly what PublicSq is doing. PublicSq is on a mission to identify millions of small businesses across America that share our patriotic values,” Trump Jr. said.

Omeed Malik, Trump Jr., and Masters along with former chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence Nick Ayers will join the company’s board.

Products can be sold on PublicSquare after a short vetting process, which mainly consists of vendors checking a box that says they agree with the values listed. These values include “protect[ing] the family unit,” and the “sanctity of life.”

“These are things that normal people believe in 2006, right? We’re not fringe, we’re not out on the outskirts. We believe in judging each other by the content of our character, not by the color of our skin. So we’re not embracing affirmative action policies, no ESG (environmental, social and governance, no DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion),” Seifert said.

“This is an economy that’s based on meritocracy and value for the individual.”

Reporting from The Post Millennial.