Pastor Rick Joyner Urges American Christians to Prepare for Civil War (video)

MorningStar Ministries founder and pastor, Rick Joyner, pleaded with the “true disciples of Christ” in America to rise up and prepare for war with the “evil” forces which he baselessly claimed “stole” the November election from former President Donald Trump.

The longtime Fort Mill, South Carolina, pastor was introduced by evangelical televangelist Jim Bakker on his Monday broadcast as a Christian “prophet.” Joyner claimed without evidence there is a “unified belief and deep conviction” among “true” U.S. Christians that the presidential election was rigged by President Joe Biden and the Democrats. Joyner urged Trump supporters and Christians alike to buy up arms in preparation for a coming “civil war.”

Longtime Missouri-based program host Bakker, who is a convicted felon and was sued last March for selling a “coronavirus cure” to his viewers, pressed Joyner to explain how “cancel culture” is destroying the foundations of America. Neither man mentioned that their church members were part of the early 2000s effort to “cancel” the Harry Potter book series over witchcraft concerns.

“It will be a civil war and it’s going to be increasingly worse with the increasing time it takes for Americans to stand up and push back against this evil that has taken over our land,” Joyner said on Monday’s The Jim Bakker Show. “You know, there’s a time for peace and a time for war it says in [Book of the Bible] Ecclesiastes, well, we’re not headed towards peace right now, we’re headed towards conflict of war. And we need to prepare for it. We need to put out the word that people need to be prepared.”

Joyner referenced several verses of scripture from the Bible to warn of a second impending U.S. Civil War, including Ecclesiastes 3:8, which says there’s “a time to love, and a time to hate, a time of war, and a time of peace.”

Joyner highlighted a round table discussion he held last week with fellow MorningStar Ministries members, an organization he helped create in 1985. Joyner claimed there was unanimous agreement that “our last election was stolen and it was something that we can’t just let go. We have lost our country. We have lost our republic if we lose the integrity of the elections and this was the worst voting fraud in our country’s history.”

“Trump really won by a huge margin,” Joyner stressed, offering no corroborating evidence of the unfounded claim. “Maybe one of the biggest margins ever. How did it get stolen from us like it did?”

Bakker then focused the show toward ongoing claims of “cancel culture” within American society and questioned Joyner on, “why are ‘they’ trying to erase the foundations this country was built upon?”

The streaming program’s chyron advertised a two-disc DVD set called the “thirteen revelation generation” on the screen as Joyner replied.

“Because they were godly foundations, what we have is evil. It’s moving, it’s Isaiah, ‘darkness covering the earth, deep darkness the people, Isaiah 5, ultimate depravity where they’re calling good evil and evil good. Honoring the dishonorable, dishonoring the honorable. And all of this is a major threat, the freedoms we have are a major threat to evil.”

Joyner repeatedly proclaimed that the “body of Christ,” or followers of Christ, will be “separated from the chaff” in the coming civil war.

“There is a unified belief with deep conviction that our last election was a stolen election and it was something that we can’t just let go. … Anybody who looks at the evidence, even superficially, sees right away that was impossible for Trump not to have won that election,” Joyner said.

Newsweek reached out to Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries Tuesday afternoon for additional remarks.