Pastor: My Ushers Carry Guns, Have Orders to Kill

At the REIGN Conference in Oregon over the weekend, evangelical minister Jeff Jansen said ushers at his Tennessee church “all pack” guns and will kill anyone who thinks “about starting something.” Jansen, a self-proclaimed prophet who leads Global Fire Ministries in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was a guest speaker at Ignite Faith Church in Redmond, Oregon.

Pastor Jeff Jansen: ‘Jesus wasn’t a wimp’

Jansen contrasted today’s “effeminate” and “neutered” church culture with Jesus’ toughness, saying, “Jesus wasn’t a wimp. He was a tough guy. He was a man. OK? He was a man. When [money changers] were selling in his Father’s house, he went and he braided a whip. Now, that takes time. He’s braiding a whip, and he’s like, ‘I’m coming for you, coming for you.’ … He was very deliberate, and he was mad. He’s a man. He whipped them. Sorry. Just whipped them. ‘Oh, Jesus wouldn’t do that.’ The heck he wouldn’t.”

These days, says Jansen, “The church—the ekklesia, the government of God—has been so neutered and so turned effeminate, almost homosexual. … It’s just ridiculous. Where are the men? Where’s the maleness? Where is the ‘I will defend the children, I will protect the family’?

“My ushers at my church, they all pack,” he continued. “You come to my place, and you think about starting something, you’re dead. They’ll kill you. They’ll shoot you because they’re going to protect everybody else. … I said, ‘Listen, guys, if I’m up there preaching and somebody comes up running, make sure you get them. Just kill ’em. Just shoot ’em dead.’”

The group Right Wing Watch tweeted about Jansen’s conference appearance, specifically referencing his pro-gun words. In response, people wrote comments such as “They have normalized this rhetoric,” “Gee, I wonder where toxic masculinity starts?” and “Why is it that the more Christian these people get, the less Christian they behave?”

In its coverage, Newsweek says it contacted Jansen’s ministry to request more information about his “almost homosexual” comment. Global Fire Ministries reportedly responded, “Please don’t watch [Jansen] or listen to him with the intent of publishing things you do not understand.”