Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested Again for Violating COVID Rules (Video)

A dozen cops drag anti-lockdown pastor away after SWAT-style highway takedown.

Pastor Artur Pawlowski was arrested yet again by Canadian authorities on the side of the highway for not obeying draconian COVID-19 rules.

Video of the Saturday night arrest shows half a dozen Calgary police officers subduing Pawlowski in Alberta after executing a SWAT-style highway takedown of the anti-COVID lockdown pastor.

“You gestapo Nazi!” Pawlowski yelled as he fell to his knees in protest. “You’re a Nazi, do it Nazi-style.”

One of the masked cops threw his arms up in frustration at Pawlowski exercising civil disobedience by becoming deadweight rather than willingly walk away with them.

Rebel News founder Ezra Levant pointed out the officers referred to Pawlowski as a “criminal” during his arrest despite him not being charged or convicted of a crime.

“One cop thought he’s humiliate Nathaniel, Artur’s son who recorded the arrest. N. says, ‘no criminals to catch today?’ Officer Moore says, ‘just him’. But Artur is not a criminal. He has not been charged or convicted of a crime. That’s defamation. And it shows malicious policing,” Levant noted Sunday.

Several cops eventually ended up carrying Pawlowski away to one of their vehicles.

This comes after Pawlowski scored a major court victory against the government when Alberta’s Court of Appeal shot down the government’s bizarre sanctions against Pawlowski compelling him to read a positive message about COVID vaccines.

Pawlowski has been arrested on the side of the highway before over COVID rules, having become a target of the Canadian government since the COVID takeover began in early 2020.

The Polish-born pastor had gone viral several times for defying lockdown orders to shut down his church, humiliating “Gestapo” police in the process.