Paris Police Join COVID Mandate Protest: Video

Police officers marched down the street in full uniform, joining the protest over COVID-19 mandates, including vaccine mandates, as Paris sees more than six months of protests.

  • Parisian police were seen marching in a COVID-19 mandate protest in Paris over the weekend.
  • According to The Scoop, this protest is part of a months-long, peaceful, anti-mandate protest that has been taking place in Paris.
  • Johns Hopkins Economist Steve Hanke shared the video, claiming it was the 32nd Saturday in a row that Parisians took to the streets to demand the end of the COVID restrictions.
  • The publication also reported that anti-mandate protests have been spreading across Europe, as well as what has been seen in North America. 
  • According to a report from mid-February by National Public Radio, it was the Freedom Convoy anti-vaccine protest in Ottawa, Canada that has given inspiration to many of the European protests.
  • NPR reported that the “anti-vaccine convoy that started three weeks ago in Canada has struck a nerve in Europe, where organizers are planning similar protests against COVID-19 regulations.”
  • While the publication didn’t quite get the mantra correct, calling it an “anti-vaccine convoy” rather than an “anti-vaccine mandate convoy,” they went on to say that the ideology appears to be “spreading.”
  • There was reported at least one convoy in France, known as “le convoi de la liberte,” which has made plans to converge on Paris, the nation’s capital.
  • Currently, according to The Local, the French Health Minister Olivier Véran has determined the criteria that he requires before COVID restrictions will be lifted.
  • Major criteria include fewer than 1,500 COVID patients in intensive care across the country and an incidence rate (cases per 100,000 people) of between 300 and 500.
  • As of earlier this week, France had 2,904 Covid patients in intensive care and has seen the continuation of a slow but steady decline observed over the past few weeks.