Parents Protest Critical Race Theory ‘Challenge’ for Teachers & Staff in Detroit Suburb

Parents in Farmington Public School district have become vocal about Critical Race Theory (CRT) making its way into schools via Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program.

  • Concerned parents in a suburb of Detroit have voiced their concerns over Farmington Public School District’s teacher training program that was focused on “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.”
  • Parents believe that the program is a way of implementing Critical Race Theory in their schools, something many have notified the school they don’t care for, according to Just The News.
  • The parents of K-12 students along with the nonprofits Farmington Kids First and Moms for America said at a press conference before the board of education’s meeting that they were protesting, specifically, the “21 Day Equity Challenge” that took place in November.
  • The voluntary three-week challenge included parents and school staff focusing on different issues regarding the progressive ideals of social justice.
  • During the meeting where the protests took place, the Board of Education noted that they received positive feedback on the challenge, saying they had “no plans to discontinue” the program.
  • The Farmington school district called on their community in December to mitigate “micro aggressions” by urging area residents to stop calling America the “land of opportunity” as part of their “21 Day Challenge” as Just The News reported last month.
  • Additionally, the school’s program is asking that parents and teachers join Black Lives Matter protests and bail out those arrested for “protesting against injustice.”
  • The program included seven teaching sessions, details of which were previously available to view on the school’s website, but which are no longer unavailable.
  • According to an analysis of the program, JTN’s Aaron Kliegman, an overall view of the program “ seemed to present a vision of America as an oppressive country that discriminates against minorities based on race, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation.”
  • The Michigan school district’s program included a new specific focus each day with trends moving through the curricula on “race and class privilege” and “gender and sexuality.”
  • One of the days outlined the differences between equity and equality claiming that “Equality is giving everyone a shoe. Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits,” underscoring one of the foundations of the social justice movement that the same opportunity is not equal opportunity.
  • The school’s DEI program appears to be a pointed implementation of a classical interpretation of Critical Race Theory, something that the more right-leaning group, The Heritage Foundation, has published on extensively.