Parents fed up with SJW politics campaign to oust Loudoun County school board members

Parents of children who attend Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia have launched a new ad campaign to fight the teaching of critical race theory in their schools and oust the school board.

Elicia Brandy and Cheryl Onderchain, two mothers of children in the school district, were interviewed on “Fox & Friends” Friday about their efforts to recall six members of the school board. Loudoun County schools are embroiled in controversy as fed-up parents have objected to pornographic material being read in the 9th grade curriculum and tenets of critical race theory being prioritized while the district has been slow to reopen for in-person learning.

“I really believe that our school board has really lost their way,” Brandy told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy. “For this reason and for adding the parents who want our kids to go back to school to a hit list, but also yes. I don’t want critical theory, not just critical race theory, but critical theory taught in our classrooms.