Pakistani Teen Brings His Entire Tribe to Christ: Remarkable True Story

17-year-old Pakistani boy led his entire village to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ in what is an inspiring true story from the Mission News Network.

  • A 17-year-old going by the pseudonym “Rehan,” received Christ as his Savior after meeting a truck driver who gave him an audio Bible, according to Mission Network News.
  • The trucker, Safdar, began to meet with Rahen to talk about God, and shortly after the boy was saved and baptized, but he was not able to keep the good news to himself.
  • Rahen began to share the Gospel with family members and neighbors, at great personal risk, and his parents were the first to receive the Gospel for themselves.
  • Nehemiah from Forgotten Missions International explained that the fear of persecution didn’t dissuade the teen and he was able to bring the 60-person tribe to faith in Christ.
  • Mission Network News reported that every person in Rahen’s 60-person tribe reportedly stopped participating in Muslim prayer and turned toward Jesus.
  • “In Pakistan, Christians are considered second-class citizens and are discriminated against in every aspect of life,” Open Doors reported. “Church leaders can be arrested if they don’t abide by the authorities’ wishes. These arrests act as warnings to the Christian minority and intimidates them further.”
  • The missions group is asking for prayer for Rehan’s tribe and others in the area due to the aggressive hostility toward Christians in Pakistan.
  • The country has been put on Open Doors USA’s “2022 World Watch List” in the eighth spot and was listed as one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a Christian.
  • Previously, Faithwire reported a number of horrific instances of abuse toward Christians in Pakistan, including a teen who was abducted and forcibly converted to Islam.
  • Another Christian nurse also reported abuse after disagreeing with a Muslim co-worker, which are two stories that only scratch the surface of accounts of persecution in Pakistan.
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