Over Half of Black Americans Support Affirmative Action Ban

A new Gallup poll found that 52% of black Americans support the U.S. Supreme Court’s ban on affirmative action.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said the ban was “mostly a good thing.”

Forty-eight percent of black Americans viewed the decision as “mostly a bad thing.”

In total, 68% of all U.S. adults support ending race-based college admissions decisions.

Only 32% of U.S. adults do not support the Supreme Court’s decision.

While 50% of black adults said the ending of affirmative action was negative, Asian (43%), Hispanic (45%), and white (47%) adults believe it will have a positive impact on college admissions.

American Faith reported that law school administrators are attempting to work around the Supreme Court’s ban on race-based admissions decisions.

The administrators are telling schools to refrain from creating a “record” of “discriminatory intent.”

“You should be aware right now of the record you’re creating,” University of Michigan general counsel Timothy Lynch said during a legal conference. “What are your faculty saying in emails? What are they saying in public?”

Lynch explained that plaintiffs look for “discriminatory intent,” asking the audience, “What can you say right now is the race-neutral explanation for doing it, and how do you avoid having your faculty colleagues muddy the record?”

An attorney in education law said footage from the conference is part of the “record” Lynch warned against.

“If these people were ever sued for race discrimination, this video would be exhibit A to the jury,” said attorney Samantha Harris. “Even if the speakers could articulate a non-discriminatory reason for their policies, the video calls into question their sincerity.”