Over 70% of Unvaxxed US Workers Ready to Quit if Required to Receive Shot

As many as 72 percent of unvaccinated American workers are ready to quit their job if their employers mandate vaccination against the coronavirus without an option to get tested weekly instead, according to a new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation out on Thursday.

If a testing option were offered by their employer, only 37 percent of unvaccinated said they would quit their job, while 11 percent said they would rather get the shot, and 46 percent would opt for weekly testing, the poll results showed.

If presented with the option of either getting a vaccine or being tested every week, 5 percent of all US adults say they would leave their job, and 9 percent would leave if no testing options were offered, according to the survey.

Only 1 percent of all US adults said they have already quit their job because their employer introduced a vaccine mandate, the poll found.

The findings also show that 25 percent of American workers say their employers have instituted a vaccine mandate, an increase of 16 percentage points since June.

The poll was conducted among randomly selected 1,519 US adults age 18 and over by phone on 14-24 October.