Over 28,000 People Convicted of COVID-19 Offenses in U.K.

Over 28,000 individuals were convicted of violating COVID-19 regulations across England and Wales.

The average fine runs at about £6,000 (GBP), or $7,743 in U.S. dollars.

Almost 16,000 convictions involve those under the age of 30; many of those individuals now have a criminal record.

Senior government figures involved in COVID breaches have not been charged or fined by the government.

For example, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock violated his own distancing mandates.

“It is ridiculous that the courts are still prosecuting people for COVID offenses,” said the Director of Transform Justice Penelope Gibbs.

“All outstanding COVID prosecutions should be canceled immediately,” Gibbs stated.

Reporting from The National Pulse:

A recent report found that Britain’s lockdown measures failed to significantly reduce deaths while imposing substantial social, cultural, and economic costs saving just 1,700 lives in the United Kingdom.