Osama Bin Laden’s Niece Trolls Biden With ‘Trump Won’ Sign At Geneva Summit

Just before President Joe Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, on Wednesday, Osama Bin Laden’s niece made quite a scene, waving a “Trump Won” flag from a boat.

“Videos show Noor bin Ladin, 34, standing on a boat in Geneva Lake, Switzerland waving the banner,” The Independent reported. “The 9/11 mastermind’s niece has expressed her support for Donald Trump in the past, and has said she believes he won the 2020 election.”

In one of her Instagram posts, bin Laden can be seen holding up the Trump flag as officers on a Swiss police boat pull up to talk to her.

“You’re going to arrest me? If I don’t give you the signs, you’re going to arrest me?” she asks the officers, according to the U.K. paper. “Donald Trump won the 2020 election, and we’re not allowed here in Switzerland?”

Trump, in fact, lost the 2020 election — by a lot, being crushed in the Electoral College by a vote of 306-232.

Bin Laden has long been a supporter of Trump, endorsing him in 2020 in an interview with the New York Post.

“I have been a supporter of President Trump since he announced he was running in the early days in 2015. I have watched from afar and I admire this man’s resolve,” she said. “He must be reelected … It’s vital for the future of not only America, but Western civilization as a whole.”

Trump on Wednesday said in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity that he “didn’t win” the 2020 election.