Organization Offers Vaccine Religious Exemption Forms

Freedom of Religion-United Solutions (FOR-US) offers religious institutions the “most up-to-date information and educational documents regarding religious views on vaccination.”

  • FOR-US is a non-profit organization that connects with churches, temples, mosques, and other religious establishments across the U.S. in order to to “educate congregations on the importance of the religious exemption,” according to the organization’s website.
  • Their focus is on “building a nationwide coalition” of religious leaders who desire to protect religious liberties.
  • FOR-US also aims to “create new legislation allowing for the freedom to opt out of a liability-free, pharmaceutical product.”
  • The organization believes there is a “concerted, nationwide effort by U.S. government officials to remove religious exemptions from state laws” that will ultimately limit “the choice to opt out of vaccinations.”
  • FOR-US relies on donations to perform outreach, education, and deliver presentations.
  • The Rutherford Institute recently posted a fact sheet online enumerating the rights of individuals who want to refuse to take the experimental Covid-19 vaccine, according to World Net Daily.
  • The institute also posted a sample letter to give to employers.
  • Constitutional attorney John W. Whitehead—president of The Rutherford Institute— said, “For good or bad, COVID-19 has changed the way we navigate the world and the way in which ‘we the people’ exercise our rights. As a result, we find ourselves grappling with issues that touch on deep-seated moral, political, religious and personal questions for which there may be no clear-cut answers.”
  • Whitehead went on to say, “One thing is clear, however: while the courts may defer to the government’s brand of Nanny State authoritarianism, we still have rights. The government may try to abridge those rights, it may refuse to recognize them, it may even attempt to nullify them, but it cannot erase them.”

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith.