Oregon Public Schools Lose Nearly 30,000 Students, Switch to Private Education

Since the 2020 pandemic, almost 30,000 students left the Oregon public school system, 5% of its enrollment. While most of the students enrolled in private education, some began homeschooling, while others have left the system entirely. According to Oregon Live, “all of the state’s 10 largest districts, including Portland, Salem-Keizer, and Beaverton, serve considerably fewer students now than they did four years ago.”

From The Post Millennial:

Additionally, districts serving higher numbers of poorer students and students of color have seen student populations drop by 10 percent or higher.

Demographically, white students were most likely to leave the school system, with white student enrollment dropping by 32,000, or 9 percent, over the last four years. Asian American students also dropped 4 percent, while the populations of Hispanic and multiracial public school students increased.