Only 1% Of Harvard Faculty Identify as ‘Conservative’

Is there political diversity at Harvard University? Apparently not, according to an annual survey of faculty staff conducted by The Crimson, the school’s student newspaper.

“More than 80% of Harvard faculty respondents characterized their political leanings as ‘liberal’ or ‘very liberal.’ A little over 37% of faculty respondents identified as ‘very liberal’ — a nearly 8 percentage point jump from last year. Only 1% of respondents stated they are ‘conservative,’ and no respondents identified as ‘very conservative’,” the publication said in its own analysis of the findings.

A slim percentage — 16% — said they were politically moderate.

“When asked whether they would support increasing ideological diversity among faculty by hiring more conservative-leaning professors, only a quarter of respondents were in support. In contrast, 31% opposed hiring conservative professors to increase ideological diversity, while 44% of respondents said that they neither supported or opposed it,” the analysis said.

A majority of the faculty members were also uneasy with the idea that anyone who worked in former President Donald Trump’s administration join their ranks.

The survey found that 56% of the faculty would support “extra vetting” for any officials from Mr. Trump’s team, while 30% would bar former Trump administration officials from the teaching staff altogether.

The Crimson survey of 476 members of the Harvard faculty was conducted April 11-26 and released Wednesday. Find the survey at