One Texas Border City Experienced 53,000 Migrant Encounters Last Month

Border Patrol has recorded 53,000 migrant crossings in El Paso, Texas, last month, a 280% increase since October 2021. El Paso resident Luis Lujan stated citizens are growing fearful for their safety, as migrants are “sleeping on the streets.” Some, he said, are hiding in neighbors’ yards from Border Patrol agents.

From The Blaze:

“They’re afraid — we don’t know if they’re going to break into our houses,” Lujan said. “We don’t confront them because we don’t know if they have guns. We don’t know if they have knives.”

Last month, close to where Lujan resides, a Border Patrol agent was assaulted by two migrants attempting to cross the border. The officer was pushed, dragged, and punched, according to the FBI. The two men were ultimately taken into custody and charged with assaulting a federal agent.