Officials Warn AI Firm May Be Giving Genetic Data to China

Two intel officials warned earlier this week of an artificial intelligence firm that may be giving millions of Americans’ genetic data to the Chinese government.

G42, a technology company based in Abu Dhabi, claims that AI is a “powerful force for good” that will be a “complement and enhancer to humanity.”

The company has reportedly worked with AstraZeneca, OpenAI and Dell Technologies and has also purchased $100 million of shares in ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok.

Earlier this year, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan warned the White House that G42 was hiding the extent of its partnership with China.

The CIA and other intelligence agencies have also reportedly vocalized concern over the company’s relationship with Chinese businesses.

Officials also reported that the tech company may be providing the Chinese government with Americans’ genetic data.

The CIA has allegedly found concerns within the firm, such as its “stack,” or technology infrastructure, built with assistance from China.

G42 senior executive Talal Al Kaissi admitted the company has partnered with “various international technology players from around the world” but remains in “compliance” with the United States government.