NYC Driver Shoves Pro-Palestinian Protesters Blocking Traffic

A New York City driver was seen confronting a group of anti-Israel protesters blocking cars driving across the Manhattan Bridge Monday.

The driver laid on the horn and told demonstrators to not “touch my car,” as some of them began approaching him.

“You’re disrupting traffic, idiots. You can’t do that. That’s against the law,” the driver continued.

Video posted on X by Timcast reporter Elad Eliahu captured the man getting out of his car and confronting the protesters.

“I’m not going to run you over. Get away from my car, bro,” he said as he pushed one to the ground.

“I have a daughter in Brooklyn! Get the [expletive] out of the way, I have to get home.”

From The Daily Wire:

Anti-Israel protesters blocked traffic at three bridges and a tunnel in New York City as part of their “Shut it Down for Palestine” rally on Monday before police made over 300 arrests, The New York Post reported. NYPD officers detained 209 people at the Brooklyn Bridge, and Port Authority Police arrested 130 people at the Holland Tunnel.