NY Supreme Court Sides with Project Veritas in Defamation Suit Against New York Times

Project Veritas will depose the New York Times.

  • Project Veritas is a nonprofit journalism enterprise and undercover reporting network founded by James O’Keefe in 2011.
  • Project Veritas sued the NY Times for defamation when Times reporters Maggie Astor and Tiffany Hsu described Project Veritas’ reporting as “deceptive,” “false,” and “with no verifiable evidence.”
  • In March, a New York judge rejected the Times’ motion to dismiss the defamation suit.
  • The Times then appealed, asking the Court to issue a stay that would prohibit Project Veritas from deposing the Times until the appeal resolved.
  • But on Thursday, the Court rejected the Times’ appeal, meaning Project Veritas will depose the newspaper.

In an exclusive statement made to Human Events, O’Keefe said the following:

As you know, we sued the Times for claiming our Minnesota ballot harvesting video was “deceptive.” The New York Times attempted to dismiss the case and we won a historic victory when the New York Supreme Court denied the motion, ruling that the terms “deceptive” and “disinformation” apply to the New York Times’ reporters’ actions and claims. The Times appealed and then asked the Court to issue a stay that would effectively prohibit us from deposing the Times until the appeal is resolved – a process that could last up to three years.

The Court today issued a mic drop of an opinion: “Here, having failed to convince the Court that [Project Veritas’] case should be dismissed, [The New York Times] also failed to demonstrate the extraordinary justification required for the imposition of the drastic remedy of a stay pending appeal.” The Court noted that “despite the fact that [the New York Times has] been permitted to file anti-SLAPP motions to dismiss for decades, the [New York Times] here failed to cite any cases in which an unsuccessful moving was granted a stay pending appeal[.]”

Ladies and gentlemen: Let the depositions begin. Stay tuned. We’re about to drop the first New York Times deposition any day.