NPR Corrects Tweet Claiming There Is ’Limited Scientific Evidence’ Men Have Athletic Advantages Over Women

National Public Radio (NPR) corrected a tweet that claimed there is “limited scientific evidence” men have physical advantages over women in sports. The corrected tweet read, “Correction: An earlier tweet incorrectly stated there is limited scientific evidence of physical advantage. Existing research shows that higher levels of testosterone do impact athletic performance. But there’s limited research involving elite trans athletes in competition.”

From Daily Caller:

NPR’s original tweet linked to a story about the World Athletics Council voting to prevent biological males from competing as women in women’s athletic competitions. The council voted to exclude biological males who went through male puberty and identify as transgender from the female category as of Mar. 31, 2023.

“The international governing body for track and field will ban trans women athletes from elite women’s competitions, citing a priority for fairness over inclusion, despite limited scientific evidence of physical advantage,” NPR originally tweeted.