Northern Ireland’s First Minister Says Hamas Will Be Potential ‘Future Partner for Peace’

Recently elected First Minister of Northern Ireland, Michelle O’Neill, said last week that the terrorist organization, Hamas, would eventually be regarded as the “future partner for peace” in the Middle East.

During a recent interview on Tonight with Andrew Marr, O’Neill compared the ongoing Israel-Hamas war to continuous peace talks within Northern Ireland.

“A long time ago the [Irish Republican Army] IRA was seen as a terrorist organization. The British Government and everybody else could not ever talk to them,” Marr said. “Do you think that Hamas, although regarded as a terror organization by many people around the world, is going to eventually have to be a partner for peace?”

“Yes,” O’Neill said, “I think you only have to look at our own example to know how important dialogue is and that’s the only way you’re ever going to bring an end to conflict.”

“If republicans didn’t talk to the British government or the British government didn’t talk to the republicans, in the past in Ireland we would not be in the scenario we are in today, enjoying a peaceful and far more equal society today,” she continued.

The minister argued that Israel was bombarding the Palestinian people and not defending themselves against the Hamas terrorists.

“Anybody can stretch Israel’s position of being one of defense because this is bombardment, day after day, slaughter of the Palestinian people,” O’Neill said.