Nonprofit Misuses Tax Dollars for Illegal Migrant Travel

The Catholic Charities of San Antonio reportedly misused tax dollars to pay for the travel of illegal immigrants to a “destination of their choice.”

“These tax dollars were not intended to be used to fly illegal immigrants all over the country to the destination of their choice,” Rep. Monica De La Cruz, (R-TX), said. “They misused funds and sent these illegal immigrants where their preferred destination was with taxpayers’ hard-earned money. This is just simply unacceptable.”

According to Rep. Henry Cuellar, (D-TX), the funds provided through the FEMA Shelter and Services Program were inappropriately used to purchase airline tickets for illegals. 

“When I first started this program, I said it would only be used for food and shelter, maybe transportation inside a city, but not to be sending them up there. The family or somebody should pay for that, not the taxpayer dollars,” Cuellar said.

The FEMA program was initially designed to reimburse nonprofits for expenses related to providing humanitarian aid to migrants.

The Catholic Charities of San Antonio is allegedly set to receive an additional $10.8 million in funding through the FEMA program for its MRS Centro de Bienvenida.