Nobody Has ‘Gotten to the Bottom’ of 9/11, Says Trump

45th President Donald J. Trump told reporters during the LIV golf tournament at his Bedminster, NJ club that “nobody has gotten to the bottom of 9/11,” renewing interest and awareness as to the massive trove of information that intelligence agencies and those deep inside the US government have kept from the people, and even from presidents. A native New Yorker who witnessed first-hand the events of 9/11, President Trump speculated early on the day of the attacks that the twin towers could have been brought down with the help of explosives and has fought for the release of intelligence identifying those who provided logistical and financial support to 9/11 terrorists.

Trump was met with cheers and chants of “four more years” as LIV teed off at the Trump National Golf Club of Bedminster, New Jersey. The new league has delivered a shock to the world of golf as a number of big names in the sport have ditched the PGA to sign on, with golf legend Greg Norman serving as LIV’s public face, commissioner, and CEO.

Due to LIV being backed in part by Saudi Arabia’s state investment fund, anti-Trump demonstrators and corporate media outlets have sought to draw connections between Saudi state actors and 9/11, something they called President Trump a racist and Islamaphobe for doing years ago.

When speaking with reporters along the green, President Trump was asked about the “passion surrounding 9/11” and about what he has to say to those demonstrating outside of his Bedminster golf club, protesting LIV’s Saudi financial backing.

“Well nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11 unfortunately, and they should have,” Trump said, saying that “the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, to our country, to the world,” have never been properly investigated. “Nobody’s really been there,” President Trump said.

Trump’s remarks about 9/11 echo statements he’s made in the past regarding the attacks, and the government investigation into them that has been blasted by truth activists on all ends of the political spectrum.

On the day of the 9/11 attacks, Donald Trump called a local New York City news station to give his eyewitness account of the horror, which he saw from the window of his office, and speculated, like many have, that explosives were used to ultimately bring down the twin towers.

Adding credence to Trump’s 2001 speculation is the fact that World Trade Center Tower 7, which was not hit by a plane, collapsed in its footprint in the same manner as towers 1 and 2, which has been compared to controlled demolition.

The relationship between President Trump and Saudi Arabia appears nearly as complicated as the overall relationship between the United States and the oil-producing Middle Eastern power that has taken an increasingly visible role on the world stage amidst the seemingly managed decline of America.

During his 2016 run for the presidency, Trump issued repeated calls for the federal government to declassify and release the “28 pages” of investigatory documents that were believed to detail Saudi state involvement in 9/11. Largely due to Trump’s raising of the issue, portions of the 28 pages were declassified by the Obama Administration in July of 2016 and showed that the Saudi government paid for a “dry run” 9/11 attack rehearsal.

More explosive content that is alleged to show the potential involvement of Saudi, American, and Israeli actors in 9/11 reportedly remains classified, as well as reports that some claim shows the US and Israeli governments had foreknowledge of the impending attacks.

President Trump’s opening of America’s oil fields and navigation to a national status of energy independence have been cited as critical to the improvement of Saudi relations with the US and, particularly, with Israel, as an energy independent America took the Saudi’s biggest bargaining chip off the negotiating table.


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