No Counseling Against Queerness: U.S. Judge Hammers Christian View

A homosexual federal judge has endorsed a Colorado state LGBT agenda point signed into law by a gay governor that imposes viewpoint discrimination on Christian counselors, threatening them with so-called “unprofessional conduct” charges if they encourage clients who want to rid themselves of same-sex attractions to do just that.

They can, however, encourage clients to pursue homosexual behavior.

It’s part of a worldwide agenda against the fact that some people want to leave homosexuality, and, in fact, do. Such cases destroy the LGBT community’s claim that people are “born” that way.

The recent case was decided by a gay judge, U.S. District Court Judge Charlotte N. Sweeney, who refused a request by Christian counselor Kaley Chiles for a preliminary injunction against a Colorado law that bans licensed mental health providers from “attempting to change” a minor patient’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

It bans them even from helping a patient who wants to “eliminate feelings of same-sex attraction,” according to a Denver Gazette report.

That report claims that proponents of the law, including medical professionals, deemed the practice harmful and responsible for suicides among LGBT youth.

A well-known online “encyclopedia” where the information trends to the far-left claimed, “Conversion therapy, which also goes by the labels of sexual orientation change efforts and gender identity change efforts, refers to techniques seeking to change a person’s sexuality — specifically, in a manner stigmatizing same-sex attraction or transgender identity. Although such practices can be based in discussion or prayer, they have also included hypnosis, induced vomiting or electric shocks.”

In fact, because those who successfully leave the gay lifestyle destroy the claim that those feelings are innate and unchangeable, the LGBT activists repeatedly have mischaracterized Christian counseling against the lifestyle as the same as extreme “pseudoscience” that includes “ice-pick lobotomies,” “chemical castration,” “the application of electric shock to the hands and/or genitals” and “nausea-inducing drug.”

Chiles said the law is nothing less than a viewpoint-based censorship by a state government.

To pursue a ban on counseling regarding unwanted same-sex attractions, LGBT activists convinced the state to adopt a claim, in the law, that such counseling is “unprofessional conduct.”

Under the leftist state’s law, counselors can encourage same-sex behaviors, but cannot discourage those.

Chiles’ lawyers argued, “With the passage of the Counseling Censorship Law, the government has interjected itself between mental health professionals and their clients as effectively as if defendants were standing in the counselor’s office with their hand over her mouth lest she dare say something contrary to the state-approved orthodoxy mandated by the law.”

The Gazette noted other federal courts have affirmed similar laws that censor the Christian perspective on same-sex relationships.

Some of those decisions have noted that states can restrict the speech of those who hold state licenses when they are speaking in situations authorized by that license.

Sweeney claimed that Chiles “may engage in therapeutic practices,” but threatened that she has no right to “seek to change” a patient’s “sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The Gazette said Sweeney is the first openly gay federal judge in Colorado, and Gov. Jared Polis long has boasted about his homosexual lifestyle.

An appeal of Sweeney’s verdict is planned.

Reporting from World Net Daily.