Newsom Tells Hollywood It’s ‘Time to Choose’ California Values

Hollywood’s ability to receive tax credits depends on its conformity to California Leftism.

  • California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom released an advertisement imploring Hollywood production companies to work in California rather than in pro-life states.
  • Newsom revealed his support for a $1.65 billion state tax credit for production studios, should they “choose” California instead of conservative states.
  • In his statement entitled “Hollywood: Your Values, Your Choice,” Newsom told Hollywood it can “protect [its] workers, or continue to support anti-abortion states that rule with hatred.”
  • According to Newsom, pro-life states “attack” groups that are “essential to the success of your industry.”
  • He encouraged boycotts of conservative states, stating, “you have a responsibility to take stock of your values — and those of your employees — when doing business in those states.”
  • “California is a freedom state,” said Newsom in his announcement, yet entertainment companies are only ‘free’ if they adhere to California ideology.
  • Newsom banned state-funded travel to 22 states over anti-LGBT policies, yet he vacationed in Montana. His office did not comment on the use of security, which would have required state funds.
  • Newsom violated his own indoor-dining bans in 2020, attending a birthday party at the French Laundry and later appeared maskless at a football game despite mandating masks for everyone else.
  • Newsom also recently launched an ad campaign in Florida, saying, “Freedom is under attack in your state,” and urged Floridians to move to “the free state of California.”
  • Georgia, Texas, and Oklahoma, all pro-life states, have not seen a decrease in entertainment production since the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
  • Georgia set a new record for entertainment production in the state, with studios spending $4.4 billion throughout 2022.
  • Numerous other industries are moving to red states due to the tax incentives and other economic policies, such as Amazon, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagon, Tesla, and other large-scale corporations.