Newsom on Lockdowns: “Not Going Back To Normal…Because Normal Accepts Inequity”

“There is no economic recovery without economic justice,” says California governor. Embattled California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) told his constituents that the state will never return “to normal” because that means going back to a state of “inequity.”

During a State of the State Address on Tuesday, Newsom slammed critics of his tyrannical lockdown policies and COVID restrictions, and vowed that things won’t ever go back to normal.

“When this pandemic ends – and it will end soon – we’re not going back to normal. Normal was never good enough. Normal accepts inequity,” said the Democrat governor.

“So, our journey back must also be a path to close inequities. There is no economic recovery without economic justice.”

This is just another example of Newsom moving the goalposts toward the Democrats’ totalitarian vision of America.

In May 2020, Newsom said California wouldn’t go “back to normal” until a vaccine is released.

“We’re not going back to normal,” said Newsom. “It’s a new normal with adaptations and modifications, until we get to immunity and a vaccine.”

So first California couldn’t return to normal until a vaccine was produced. Now California can’t go back to normal until they address “inequity” with “economic justice.”

But what is “equity”?” Is it like equality? And why are all the Democrats like Joe Biden suddenly talking about it?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson succinctly explained the insidious difference between “equality” and “equity”, where the latter is meant to give even more power to the powerful.

“The first thing to know about equality is that it’s designed to challenge power. Equity, by contrast is designed to protect power,” Carlson said earlier this month. “Equity is what the British monarchy had, equality is what the American colonists wanted.”

Newsom is currently facing the prospects of a recall election as 1.9 million petition signatures have been reached, with only 1.4 million required to trigger a recall vote.

All the signatures must be submitted to county registrars by March 17, and officials say a recall election could be conducted by the end of summer.