New Yorkers as Young as 9 Were Arrested for Entering Public Places Without a Vax Passport

New Yorkers as young as nine arrested for accessing public areas without a vaccine passport.

  • Videos posted online show New Yorkers being arrested for their lack of vaccine passports, including a 9-year-old girl who attended a museum without proper documentation.
  • Anti-mandate protesters were arrested for accessing public places, including the Museum Of Natural History.
  • Demonstrator named Joy who identified herself as Puerto Rican and Colombian called their treatment “Jim Crow” all over again.
  • “We should be able to, as New York City residents, to access the amenities and the services that this city holds because I pay taxes,” the protester pointed out.
  • The protest ended with multiple demonstrators being escorted out of the building, including the nine-year-old who was escorted into an NYPD vehicle between two officers.
  • A group of New Yorkers were arrested on Monday after attempting to order food at a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant without showing vaccine passports.
  • A wheelchair-bound woman with Cerebral Palsy was among the 11 patrons arrested.
  • Currently, New York requires proof of vaccination for indoor public activities, according to the New York City Health website.
  • Children ages 5-11 are now required to have proof of vaccination and those 12 and older participating in indoor dining, fitness or indoor entertainment and meetings must show full vaccination with proof of two doses.
  • Beginning later in the month children 5-11 will need proof of full vaccination.
  • A spokesperson for New York City Mayor Eric Adams said just days ago that the city’s mandates were still in place despite the Supreme Court’s ruling against the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate, according to The Daily News.