New York Times Op-Ed Predicts Trump Will Be 2024 Republican Presidential Nominee and ‘Could Win General Election’

Anti-Trump NYT author takes many shots at the 45th President in his opinion piece, but still believes Trump will continue to be the GOP leader.

From The New York Times:

Because American politics has been so dominated by an entertainer, the most inevitable thing in the world is a sequel.

Donald Trump is expected to announce his inevitable 2024 presidential campaign on Tuesday in Florida. He is not as weak a candidate as many people might expect — or hope — him to be. I believe he is most likely to be the 2024 Republican nominee for president, and since we have only two major political parties, he could win in the general election...

Unless and until somebody else comes into the arena and proves otherwise, and despite disappointing Republican midterm election results that many people blamed Mr. Trump for, he remains the leader of the Republican Party.