New York Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Jabbing Minor With COVID Vax: No Parental Consent or Medical Training

Long Island science teacher, Laura Russo arrested for reportedly administering a COVID-19 vaccine to a minor in her home without training or parental consent.

  • A New York teacher has been arrested after reportedly administering a 17-year-old boy a shot of the COVID-19 vaccine despite not being legally allowed to do so.
  • NBC News reported that Laura Russo, 54, was arrested on New Year’s Eve in Sea Cliff, New York, for allegedly giving the shot to the unnamed teenager.
  • The 17-year-old boy visited Russo’s home, where it is believed the Covid shot was given to the minor, though it is unclear how she came to obtain the vaccine.
  • Russo apparently had access to the minor because of a friendship between her son and the teen. While the teen was in her home, she injected him with the vaccine, supposedly against his mother’s wishes.
  • Russo has been charged under the New York State Education Law Unauthorized Practice of a Profession.
  • “All kinds of scary. This isn’t a question of whether to vax or not vax. He’s underage, it’s not her kid, she is not a licensed medical professional, that vaccine is NOT authorized for kids his age. Where did she even get ahold of that vial? What if he had had a reaction?” Donna Cordova responded on Twitter.
  • According to the CDC, New York and neighboring New Jersey boast some of the highest vaccination rates in the country.
  • However, the two states also have the highest rate of the Omicron variant in the United States, per the CDC.