New York Police Begin Raid on Pro-Palestinian Protesters Calling For ‘Amnesty’

The New York Police Department (NYPD) reportedly began a raid on Columbia University in an effort to clear out the protesters invading the campus.

Video footage showed NYPD officers in riot gear getting ready to enter a building being occupied by the “activists.”

Several protesters were seen being dragged out of Hamilton Hall after the university announced students that were inside were facing expulsion.

Officers reportedly used at least four distraction devices to clear the building, Fox News confirmed.

Last week, administrators at Columbia University faced criticism after they announced that the school would not use the NYPD to clear the anti-Israel protesters off campus.

”We have our demands; they have theirs,” Columbia said at the time. “The talks have shown progress and are continuing as planned,” the university went on to say before adding that “a formal process is underway and continues.”

“For several days, a small group of faculty, administrators, and university senators have been in dialogue with student organizers to discuss the basis for dismantling the encampment, dispersing, and following university policies going forward,” the update from the university explained.