New York FBI Warns of ‘Threats’ Ahead of New Year’s Eve Celebration

Assistant Director of New York’s FBI Field Office James Smith warned that “there are threats out there” ahead of Times Square’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

Smith told Fox News that there will be a significant law enforcement presence during the event, including undercover officers.

SWAT, bomb teams, and others will also be present.

“We will have a footprint within the Time Square celebration to protect the community,” Smith said. “We’ll have everything from our SWAT element to bomb teams out there working with our partners.”

“I would say overall that, yes, there are threats out there, but we are out there to protect the community day in and day out,” he noted. “That’s our mission – to protect the community of all threats.”

Smith added, “If you see something, say something.”

“We cannot protect the community without people reporting if there’s a threat or if a potential crime is about to take place,” he stated.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) reassured citizens that there are “no credible threats” to New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“We will be out here with our canines, on horseback, our helicopters, our boats,” he said at a press conference, as the New York Post reported.