New York City Senior Citizens Evicted to Make Room for Migrants

Dozens of New York senior citizens were evicted from their senior centers to make room for illegal immigrants.

One individual, 94-year-old Frank Tammaro, is an Amry veteran.

“I felt horrible,” Tammaro told Fox News. “It’s no joke getting thrown out of a house.”

Tammaro described to the outlet that the migrants were moving in free of charge.

“I do get upset when I see them handing out all this money and all these things, and I’m paying taxes and getting kicked out,” he said. “I’ve never got anything from the city. Or the state.”

Tammaro was first notified about changes to the Island Shores Senior Residence in September 2022, but ignored the letters until it was brought to his and other residents’ attention that they had only weeks to find another place to live.

“It was scary. Very scary. Especially when I don’t get around like I used to. I didn’t know where I was going.”

Tammaro served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps during the Korean War.

“I was not in combat,” Tammaro said. “But these boys that went over and went into combat — and now they’re all settled in there with their lives and everything else — and they’re all disrupted, it isn’t fair.”

The veteran now lives with his daughter, who said, “I don’t understand it at all. It’s not fair to anybody. These migrants, they’re getting everything. They’re getting everything and I can’t get nothing for [Tammaro]. It angers me.”

In September, New York City distributed flyers recommending migrants to consider more affordable cities.

The move was announced by Anne Williams-Isom, the deputy mayor for Health and Human Services.

“We know that at the beginning of the crisis, we were able to put people in hotels. We’re no longer, I think, putting men and single adult families in hotels. We are helping to the extent that we can people do their work authorization,” she said. “Of course, we are always going to be truthful, but we definitely do want to discourage people from coming here so that we can pretty much deal with the 113,000 people that are in our system right now.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) previously said illegal immigration will “destroy” New York City.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers: Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this. I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City, destroy New York City. We’re getting 10,000 migrants a month,” he stated during a town hall.

“One time we were just getting Venezuela, now we’re getting Ecuador, now we’re getting Russian-speaking coming through Mexico, now we’re getting Western Africa, now we’re getting people from all over the globe have made their minds up that they’re going to come through the southern part of the border and come into New York City.”

“And everyone is saying, ‘It’s New York City’s problem.’ Every community in this city is going to be impacted. We have a $12 billion deficit that we’re going to have to cut every service in this city is going to be impacted. All of us.”