New York City Expanding Debit Card Program for Illegal Immigrants

New York City announced that it is expanding its program offering debit cards to illegal immigrants.

Mayor Eric Adams (D) said that the debit cards are expected to be distributed to more than 7,300 migrants, an effort that will cost $2.6 million.

New York City Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Anne Williams-Isom noted that the program will allow migrants to “buy from local shops, support small businesses, and manage their own resources,” adding, “When we empower people, we help them achieve self-sufficiency and access the American Dream.”

According to reports, a four-person family with children under five years old is eligible to receive up to $350 a week.

Adams has claimed the program is a “cost-savings measure,” as it is reportedly cheaper than delivering food to migrants in shelters.

Council Member David Carr condemned the program, saying, “We have no obligation to do anything. We have no obligation to house, feed, clothe these individuals, and as we’ve been saying for almost two years now, the things that the city are doing are creating incentives for these migrants to come here.”

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) criticized the program’s March launch, writing on social media, “American families can barely afford rent and groceries. But Democrats are giving out gift cards and free money to illegal aliens.”

“Where’s the leadership?” he added.