New York City Encourages Avoiding Certain Foods to Save the Planet

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is encouraging residents of the city to avoid certain foods that contribute to carbon dioxide emissions.

“What we put on our plate doesn’t just affect us. We now know food is the third largest source of emissions in New York City, so what we eat is impacting our entire planet. That’s why today I’m announcing that by 2030, the City will reduce our food-related emissions by 33%,” Adams announced.

Adams also signed the city into the C40 Good Food Cities Declaration, which seeks to “increase access to balanced and nutritious food to city residents and halve food waste.”

Reporting from The Blaze:

According to the city's food policy page, the "Carbon Footprint of the City's food purchases is equivalent to the annual emission of more than 70,000 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles."

While dairy and grain products account for the bulk of the total emissions according to the city's data, the Adams administration has instead targeted meat, just over a year after the vegan mayor suggested, "I've got to get New Yorkers to eat a plant-based centered life."