New Twitter CEO Musk Confirms Big Tech War on Conservative Free Speech

Elon Musk spoke to filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza about discrimination on Twitter.

  • Elon Musk told conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza why some leftists aren’t being allowed back on Twitter.
  • The pair exchanged tweets on Musk’s newly bought social media platform where the billionaire asserted that they weren’t coming back because they weren’t banned in the first place.
  • “We don’t hear much about Democrats and leftists being let back on Twitter. Why? Because they were never kicked off in the first place. Their lies and misinformation simply escaped all scrutiny. Censorship has been deployed as a one-way operation against conservatives,” D’Souza tweeted, tagging Musk in his post.
  • Musk responded simply, “Correct.”
  • Since purchasing the platform in October of this year, Musk has reinstated former President Donald Trump after he was banned for almost two years.
  • Other popular conservatives formerly banned that the new CEO has let back in include Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the Babylon Bee, and undercover journalists Project Veritas were all reinstated.
  • New Twitter owner Elon Musk said earlier this week he would make child sexual exploitation content the first problem the social media platform will tackle, as American Faith previously reported.
  • Previously, the social media platform did not put forth any real effort into removing content that exploits sexualized content of children.
  • The Twitter chief has also criticized previous management for not taking the issue seriously and blames their lack of action on the frequency of these posts allowed on the site.
  • Musk explained that the primary hashtags that target CSE have been taken down from the platform and he plans to do more to ensure Twitter stays clear of such content.