New Study Links Moderna COVID Vax to Blood in Urine: Journal of Medical Case Reports

A new potential side effect of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been identified by a recent medical report.

The study, published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, describes the self-limited occurrence of gross hematuria, or blood in the urine, in two elderly men who were on a combination of aspirin and another antiplatelet or anticoagulant following their second dose of the Moderna COVID vaccination.

According to the report, both patients experienced hematuria within two days of receiving the vaccine.

One of the patients also reported two episodes of epistaxis, or nosebleeds.

While both patients’ bleeding episodes were self-limited, the long-term course remains unknown.

The report notes that little is known about the vaccine’s less frequent potential side effects, and the authors hope to raise awareness among clinicians and healthcare workers.

“It is possible that patients and clinicians do not recognize these events as vaccine-related. We strongly encourage reporting these postvaccination events to clarify their true incidence,” the study authors write.

The report also highlights the importance of follow-up and additional workup to rule out underlying urologic, nephrologic, or hematologic etiology(ies) with relevant long-term health implications that may have been unmasked by the vaccination.

“If an association with the vaccine is established and bleeding events remain self-limited, important implications include circumventing the cessation of potentially life-saving medications in patients without persistent hematuria, worsening renal function, or other systemic signs and symptoms,” the report stated.

The authors of the report suggest that consideration should be given to an alternative vaccine class for subsequent immunization of patients with vaccine-associated hematuria.

Read the full study below: