New Poll Reveals Trump Leading Biden in Democrat Washington State

A new poll released by the Independent Center/Bullfinch Group claims that former President Donald Trump is currently ahead of Joe Biden by a slight lead in Democratic Washington state.

The poll, conducted between March 29 and April 3, included 250 registered voters and shows Trump with a 1-point lead.

Earlier this year, American Faith reported that a Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll found that Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden in all seven swing states.

Of almost 5,000 voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Trump leads 48% to 42%.

When third-party candidates were included, Trump continued to lead by 44%.

In the state of Georgia alone, Trump had 49% support compared to Biden’s 41% support.

In Arizona, 47% of voters supported Trump while 44% supported Biden.

Michigan voters supported Trump with 47%, while Biden received 42%.

North Carolina favored Trump with 49%, where Biden received 39%; in Wisconsin, 40% supported Trump and 44% supported Biden.

In Nevada, 48% supported Trump and 40% favored Biden, while in Pennsylvania, 48% of voters prefer Trump to Biden (45%).