New Law Could Be the ‘Most Catastrophic Thing to Happen to Corn Farmers’

An impending law in Mexico would ban United States imports of genetically-modified corn (GMO). American farmers have stated the law could be “catastrophic,” as many farmers are not prepared to cultivate non-GMO corn. Elizabeth Hinkel of Hinkel Farms said “it would be a huge investment if we had to go back to growing conventional. And on top of that, our yields would be decreased.”

From The Western Journal:

Meanwhile, the USDA decried Mexico’s decision, saying that it “is not grounded in science” and that it threatens to harm trade relations between the two nations as well as the productivity of both American and Mexican farms.


This means that we are now unable to sell most of our corn supply to our largest buyer, and this could send not only farmers but the American economy, into freefall.