New Emails Describe Lab Leak as It Occurred in Real Time

A newly released series of emails between Fauci and other officials describe the lab leak coverup as it occurred in real-time. On February 2, 2020, Fauci wrote that he does not “know how this evolved.” Christian Drosten of Germany asked on February 9, 2020, “Who came up with this story in the beginning? Are we working on debunking our own conspiracy theory?” Kristian Andersen from Scripps noted that the discussions in the emails were “trying to disprove any type of lab theory.”

From The Daily Sceptic:

Until the pangolin sequences showed up, the consensus in the emails was settling on the proposal that while the virus didn’t appear deliberately engineered it could have resulted from “repeated tissue culture passage” in a lab. While Francis Collins argues this “doesn’t explain the O-linked glycans” which typically emerge in the presence of an immune system, Holmes said, as per the email above, it was possible for “accidental lab passage in animals to give glycans.”

Patrick Vallance, for one, was glad to hear that the pangolin sequences would likely counter the “passage origin”:

Thanks for sharing and thanks to those involved for a really important piece of work. I think this looks pretty balanced and useful. I do think it would be helpful to make sure that the sequence data from the pangolins is included and to indicate what that might mean in terms of a potential prolonged period of adaptation in animals. The glycan point is important and could be given further weight against a passage origin. Once complete I think it would be helpful to publish this.


Michael Callahan, whom Robert Malone has described as “arguably the top U.S. Government/CIA expert in both biowarfare and gain of function research”, stated in an interview with Rolling Stone in August 2020 that he was already following the virus in November 2019 having been tipped off by Chinese colleagues, and that he even travelled to Singapore to study an outbreak of the “mysterious germ” there.


The picture is increasingly coming into focus. The Chinese Government, Fauci & Co and many within the U.S. intelligence community and biodefence network are covering up the origin of the virus and frustrating efforts to investigate it because they are themselves implicated in the research that likely created it and because they do not want biodefence research discredited. It is not, however, a perfect conspiracy as not all agree: some still push for investigations into the lab leak theory and endorse the theory themselves. Nonetheless, enough in those networks are sufficiently motivated to shut down and frustrate the investigations to make the cover-up largely successful.