New Christian News Network, Meant To Bring ‘Media Revival,’ Launched In California

“American Faith,” a new nonprofit news media network dedicated to promoting the “cause of truth and freedom,” has formally started under the leadership of a California megachurch pastor. The network will offer breaking news and commentary on current events, as well as educational resources.

Earlier this month, Phil Hotsenpiller, a Biblical prophecy scholar and Senior Pastor of Influence Church in Anaheim, California, announced the launch of “American Faith” in a press release.

A wide range of topics, including “politics, business, health, and faith” are all covered in depth by the new American media platform. Original material such as video interviews and podcasts with well-known media personalities are featured in the programs, which are broadcast on a weekly basis as part of the overall programming.

“Grounded in a love of country, a passion for freedom and a heart of faith, we are the news outlet of We, the People,” reads the About section of the news site.

Organizing patriotic events with members of the community, intervene in police stations that were under attack, and working with local politicians running for office were all the beginnings of this campaign.

Soon, the people behind the project decided to put together a team in 2021 with a specific objective in mind, as tensions in the cultural war continued to rise in the United States. That goal is to establish an “unbiased, patriotic news media network to stand up to big tech, mainstream media, and government overreach.”

Things to watch out for from the new faith-based media outlet

As stated, there will be video interviews and podcasts with well-known media figures to be broadcasted. The following shows will be among those that will offer constructive conversations regarding current events in America and how they relate to the Christian faith.

Reality Check with Melissa Tate” delves into the “social, cultural, and political” issues that are currently impacting the United States of America. The program discusses solutions and encourages ordinary people to discover methods to make a difference. Melissa Tate, the show’s host, is a Christian political analyst who is also the author of “Choice Privilege: What’s Race Got To Do With It?”

Take a look at the current state of affairs in the United States in “American Outlook with William Federer.” Besides being a nationally renowned historian and best-selling author, William Federer is also the founder and president of “Amerisearch Publishing,” which is devoted to uncovering America’s noble past.

With his unscripted discussion program with cultural and political leaders in “America’s War Room with Phil Hotsenpiller,” founder and president Phil Hotsenpiller will reveal the true movers behind recent issues and other societal problems.

Another event to keep an eye out for is “Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour,” which will take place at Influence Church in Anaheim, California on the 17th and 18th of July. Participants at the event, which is sponsored by American Faith, will learn about practical methods for defending and preserving civil rights in the United States over the course of the program.

Other initiatives, such as collaboration with prominent government and industry leaders, include efforts to help revive and foster American values through grassroots, state-level, and national campaigns championing “constitutional rights and freedoms.”