NEW: Capitol Authorities Had Advance Warning Of Jan 6th Riot, But Refused To Act On Intelligence.

New e-mails reveal that authorities at the U.S. Capitol were warned in advance of troublemakers at the Capitol on January 6th, but refused to take action. Their reluctance led to a peaceful rally being turned into a riot and ultimately, a cudgel with which to beat Donald Trump and his supporters.

MSNBC and CNN are both reporting that “[n]ewly revealed internal emails show an outside group warned Capitol security officials one day before the January 6 insurrection about a series of troubling social media posts calling for people to storm the US Capitol and kill federal employees, evidence that concerns about this kind of online chatter were raised in yet another way ahead of the attack but ultimately still dismissed at the time.”

Of a demonstration of hundreds of thousands of people, 400 have now been charged in connection to the riot at the Capitol, and none related to President Trump, his team, nor his most vocal supporters.