Never-Trump Grift Is Back: Republican Accountability Project Is Even More Tone Deaf, Ridiculous, and Irrelevant

As someone who once considered myself Never Trump, I feel well qualified to comment on the activities of those who still cling to that label after the 2020 election. For rational people who are not trying to cling to accumulated power or trying to recover their influence, Never Trump was over on election night 2016. It was either going to be President Clinton II or President Trump, and in hindsight, I am glad it was the latter.

Did I love every tweet? No. However, I did find some of the reactions to them hysterical. And no matter what I thought of President Trump’s style, it was difficult to argue with the substance of his administration. As a kid, I never doubted that President Reagan put America and the West’s safety, prosperity, and security first. If you listened to President Trump and his advisors and tracked what they did, the principles were the same even if specific policies were different. Enthusiastically, I pulled the lever for a second term, which was pretty easy to do without compromising on much.

The chronic Never-Trump crew could never bring themselves to agree with Trump on anything. Not even policies they had long said they supported. Instead, Never Trump turned to straight-up grift with sites like The Bulwark financed by liberal donors and groups like The Lincoln Project, which convinced those same donors they could bring significant Republican support to opposing Trump. That did not happen, and President Trump’s Republican support increased in 2020. Now the Lincoln Project is reduced to celebrating getting a childish nickname for Senator Ted Cruz to trend on Twitter: