Nearly 16,000 Illegals Have Been Transported to Sanctuary Cities from Texas in 2022: Gov. Abbott

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott said Tuesday that Texas has bussed nearly 16,000 illegal aliens to sanctuary cities across the U.S. this year.

  • Almost 16,000 illegal immigrants have been transported from Texas to sanctuary cities across the United States, Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday.
  • “Texas has bused over 15,900 migrants to sanctuary cities,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “We’re providing relief to local communities overwhelmed by President Biden’s open border policies.”
  • The latest transport carrying three busloads of around 110 to 130 migrants arrived in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve, where they were dropped off outside the Naval Observatory, the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris.
  • The temperature was below freezing when the migrants arrived. Local relief agencies provided blankets for those without coats.
  • Abbott sent a letter to President Joe Biden last week, demanding help from the federal government to “address the dire border crisis, particularly in the city of El Paso.”
  • “This terrible crisis for border communities in Texas is a catastrophe of your own making,” Abbott wrote in the letter. “These communities and the state are ill-equipped to do the job assigned to the federal government—house the thousands of migrants flooding into the country every day. With perilous temperatures moving into the area, many of these migrants are at risk of freezing to death on city streets.”

“With thousands of men, women, and children illegally crossing into Texas every day, and with the expectation that those numbers will only increase if Title 42 expulsions end, the state is overburdened as we respond to this disaster caused by you and your administration,” Abbott said. “Your policies will leave many people in the bitter, dangerous cold as a polar vortex moves into Texas.”

  • Abbott first sent a busload full of migrants from Texas to the nation’s capital in April 2022, saying Biden could better meet the needs of the thousands of people flooding his state each day.
  • “As the federal government continues to turn a blind eye to the border crisis, the State of Texas will remain steadfast in our efforts to fill in the gaps and keep Texans safe,” Abbott said in a written statement at the time. “By busing migrants to Washington, D.C., the Biden Administration will be able to more immediately meet the needs of the people they are allowing to cross our border. Texas should not have to bear the burden of the Biden Administration’s failure to secure our border.”
  • In the months following, the Republican governor sent buses to New York, D.C., and Chicago.
  • “To continue providing much-needed relief to our small, overrun border towns, Chicago will join fellow sanctuary cities Washington, D.C. and New York City as an additional drop-off location. Mayor [Lori] Lightfoot loves to tout the responsibility of her city to welcome all regardless of legal status, and I look forward to seeing this responsibility in action as these migrants receive resources from a sanctuary city with the capacity to serve them,” Abbott previously stated.