‘NATO’s Door Is Open’ to Ukraine Membership

“NATO’s door is open” to the possibility of adding Ukraine, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg denies the idea that Putin is at war with Ukraine over NATO alliances, saying the Russian president “cannot deny sovereign nations to make their own sovereign decisions that are not a threat to Russia.” At a two-day meeting in Romania, NATO is set to discuss non-lethal aid to Ukraine and support for Ukraine’s energy grid.

From Hot Air:

Individual member countries will likely announce they will provide new supplies of military equipment for Ukraine. Most likely this will be air defense systems that are desperately needed. NATO, as an organization, will avoid making such an announcement, though, to avoid being dragged into a potential war with Russia, which could involve nuclear arms. The foreign ministers will meet with their Ukrainian counterpart on Tuesday. The foreign ministers of Finland and Sweden will be allowed to join in the talks. NATO is pushing for their memberships to be finalized but Turkey and Hungary are holding out on ratifying their applications. All of the other 28 members have already ratified their applications.