Native American Group Calls for Chiefs to Drop Name Ahead of Super Bowl

A group of Native Americans called for the Kansas City Chief to drop its name, mascot and “tomahawk chop” ritual prior to their Super Bowl win Sunday.

Fox News reported:

Activist Rhonda LeValdo is one of the individuals leading the fight to see the use of Native American imagery and references in sports come to an end. She is the founder of a Kansas City-based group called Not In Our Honor. 

LeValdo and dozens of Indigenous activists have traveled to Las Vegas, the site of Super Bowl LVIII, to protest and demand the team alter its nickname, abandon its logo, and cease certain game rituals they view as offensive. Protesters had the same goal a few years ago when they organized a demonstration outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, ahead of the start of Super Bowl LV.

The Chiefs lost that Super Bowl to the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I’ve spent so much of my personal time and money on this issue. I really hoped that our kids wouldn’t have to deal with this,” LeValdo said. “But here we go again.”