Nationwide Formula Shortage Prompts Some Experts to Offer Alternatives

As Americans struggle to find formula parents are exploring options other than traditional formula found on the, now often empty, grocery store shelves.

WARNING: The below information is presented as a list of possible suggestions and/or opinions of parents and industry professionals. All changes to a child’s diet should be discussed with a healthcare provider.

  • Mom Informed lists 5 possible alternatives to traditional baby formula, including goats milk, with or without supplements added:

“Goat’s milk is often considered to be the next best thing to breastmilk. Although there are some differences that you should be aware of, goat’s milk is rich in fat but lacks folic acid and is low in vitamin B12.”

  • The author suggests fresh goat’s milk, but also noted that powdered whole goat’s milk is also an option, especially for infants with sensitive stomach’s who have trouble with other types of milk.
  • Else Nutrition talks through other alternative milks, such as coconut, almond, and rice milk, outlining what the nutritional advantages are to each and how they can be supplemented to young out your little one’s diet.
  • Catholic Medical Center pediatrician Dr. Jennifer Packard said during a recent interview that parents might be able to find donor breast milk through a local donor bank:

“There are donor breast milk banks that people can tap into and that’s another resource,” Packard said.

  • For mothers supplementing nursing with formula who are looking to move to nursing exclusively, multiple sources recommend an inexpensive supplement called Fenugreek to increase supply. 

“[The shortage] really does not have a definitive end date. But what we do know is that we are all patient, and if we do not try to hoard formula, then there is going to be enough to go around,” Chambers said. “I say do not panic, but exercise caution and don’t fall prey to people who are trying to sell you perhaps something unsafe for your infant.”

  • Fed Is Best offers additional infant feeding educational resources for parents with questions.