Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Drops $140K on an ‘Enemies List’

The National Education Association passed a resolution at its Representative Assembly to conduct research on the 25 largest groups it claims are working to prevent “honesty in education” on issues ranging from gender identity to sexual orientation.

At a cost of more than $140,000, “NEA shall compile research to create fact sheets about the largest 25 organizations that are actively working to diminish a students’ right to honesty in education, freedom of sexual and gender identify, and teacher autonomy,” the resolution states. 

Specifically, NEA will acquire information on the groups’ leaders, funding, and connections to those working to “dismantle public education.” 

Parents Defending Education’s Nicole Neily told Fox News she was not surprised to hear the NEA is working on an “enemies list.”

“[The NEA’s] policies are deeply unpopular with average American families – and, I suspect, with many of their rank-and-file membership, which means that they must enforce their ideology through bullying and intimidation,” she added. “We will not be bullied, we will not be cowed, and we will not be silenced. We will continue to advocate for our children, because the past two years have made it abundantly clear that children’s welfare is the unions’ absolute last priority.”

According to education news site The 74 Million, this is far from the first time the NEA has focused on researching their “adversaries.” One chart from the NEA titled “Anatomy of the Far Right?” reportedly dates back to 1998. 

Terry Stoops of the John Locke Foundation highlighted some of the other controversial measures debated at the NEA’s Representative Assembly.

Reporting by Townhall.