This story might give you a sense of déjà vu you’d rather not experience.

Scientists are struggling to account for a mysterious cluster of an unidentified neurological disease in New Brunswick, Canada.

As of Friday, at least 47 people were recorded to have been affected by the mysterious illness, which causes rapid-onset dementia, muscle spasms, and atrophy, according to the Canadian Press.

Six victims had died, the agency reported.

The New Brunswick Health Department launched a website last week to update the public on its efforts to combat and identify the disease, according to the Canadian Press.

Health department spokesman Bruce Macfarlane described the disease as “a neurological syndrome of unknown cause,” the Canadian Broadcast Corp. reported Friday.

“At this time, the investigation is active and ongoing to determine if there are similarities among the reported cases that can identify potential causes for this syndrome, and to help identify possible strategies for prevention,” Macfarlane told the CBC.